Pythagorean Dream, released on Foom June 3rd 2016 on Vinyl, CD & Digital Formats.

As anyone who has been reading this page knows, I have been touring and developing a solo for the past two years with me on trumpet, electric guitar, and alto, bass and C flutes.  We're please to announced that a record release is finally coming out of the solo on a UK label, Foom Records.  The release will be on June 3rd 2016 on Vinyl, CD and digital formats.

You can pre-order your copy here:

Here is what the cover looks like:

December blog

It’s been an exciting autumn with shows at the Tusk Festival in the UK, Beirut in Lebanon, Burbe, Latvia for the Zemlika Festival, and back to London at the Whitechapel Gallery as part its Music for Museums series.

The show at the Tusk festival was in a trio formation with Oren Ambarchi on el. guitar and Sam Shalabi on oud.  Audio and video recordings have been made of this concert, we hope to be posting them on this page soon.  My solo program was also taped, we hope to post that as well.

September blog

I’m back from the south of France and have been locked in my studio in Paris mixing and mastering for the past two weeks. 

Rhys Chatham wants to play in a location near you!

I’m using this news page as a kind of blog announcing various things going on in Rhys Chatham land, brought to you in July 2015:

At the moment, I’m writing a new piece for 100 electric guitars. This piece is a celebration of the unique sonority of the electric guitar and is mounted without PA or auxiliary instruments such as bass or drums: it uniquely concerns the sound of 100 electric guitars going through their amps, happily including both the quiet moments as well as the more thunderous!

Arthur Russell add-on tour planned for August!

By popular demand, the Arthur Russell ensemble will play additional concerts in London, Oslo and Helsinki during the month of August.  


Keep an eye on this page for further details...