Arthur Russell 9-city European tour, 22 May-6 June

Rhys will be be playing bass, alto and C flutes on the upcoming Arthur Russell European tour 22 May - 6 June. Below are the cites we'll be appearing in, plus a press release.


22.05.15 Triskel Arts Centre, Cork IRE

23.05.15 Button Factory, Dublin IRE

Charlemagne Palestine/Rhys Chatham 3-CD set newly released on SubRosa Records!

Charlemagne Palestine - Rhys Chatham: Youuu + Mee = Weeee

Playing with Charlemagne Palestine on Sunday 5 October in aalst, Belgium.

I'm playing a duo with my friend Charlemagne Palestine on Sunday, on 5 October in Aalst Belgium, which is a 50-minute drive from Brussels.  Charlemagne will be playing piano, synthesizer, cognac sifters and voice and will come fully equipped with a colorful collection of teddy bears, as usual!  I'll be playing alto and C flutes, trumpet and electric guitar.

Photo: Annette Frick.

Frontiers Festival video of A Secret Rose has just been posted!

The official video of A Secret Rose has been posted.  Here is the link:

A Secret Rose was presented in Birmingham, UK last June as part of the Frontiers Festival.

Rhys Chatham solo for Fête de la Music at Cinéma Les 3 Luembourg

I've been rehearsing all week for a concert I am doing tomorrow (Saturday) for Fête de la musique. It's been going well, I'm excited about the performance, I'll be playing alto and C flutes and my Shilke Bb trumpet through a delay setup, it sounds great! I'm opening for a film showing by my friend Blaise Harrison. It's a moving documentary on the lives and music of a brass band called Harmonie de Pontarlier. In parts of it, they're filmed rehearsing a piece I wrote especially for them. I open at 2pm, the film follows, here's the info: