A Crimson Grail - Liverpool Biennial

Rhys Chatham conducts a performance of his epic orchestral composition for 100 electric guitarists and 8 electric bassists on 14 September 2012 at the Liverpool Biennial.

A Crimson Grail, due to its huge scale has only previously been performed twice, once at Lincoln Center in New York and once in the Sacré-Cœur cathedral in Paris. For this, the third ever performance and UK premiere, one hundred volunteer guitarists and eight bassists will join Rhys Chatham and his team in a performance of A Crimson Grail in the glorious setting of Liverpool Cathedral.  This partnership between Samizdat and Liverpool Biennial is the perfect pairing to bring Rhys back to Liverpool for what will truly be a once in a lifetime experience.

Those attending previous performances of this work have described it as nothing less than life-changing; not wanting to deprive anybody of such an experience, the event will be free of charge to the public.