December blog

It’s been an exciting autumn with shows at the Tusk Festival in the UK, Beirut in Lebanon, Burbe, Latvia for the Zemlika Festival, and back to London at the Whitechapel Gallery as part its Music for Museums series.

The show at the Tusk festival was in a trio formation with Oren Ambarchi on el. guitar and Sam Shalabi on oud.  Audio and video recordings have been made of this concert, we hope to be posting them on this page soon.  My solo program was also taped, we hope to post that as well.

We have found a label for the release of my solo program, so it means that I’ll need to come up with a title for the album shortly; it’s due out in the spring!  We’ll be posting a sneak preveiw of the album, hopefully before the end of December.

Here’s an excerpt of the solo at Whitechapel Gallery, it’s a portion of the flute section:

Check the upcoming dates for future concerts.  We're mounting the Arthur Russell ensemble at the Sydney Festival in January, and there are upcoming dates in Denmark and Norway, as well as a possible tour of the Solo program coming up in the States next May.  Also in the works, a collaborative duo project with Sam Shalabi, and a duo project with the French guitarist Nico Guerrero.