Rhys Chatham wants to play in a location near you!

I’m using this news page as a kind of blog announcing various things going on in Rhys Chatham land, brought to you in July 2015:

At the moment, I’m writing a new piece for 100 electric guitars. This piece is a celebration of the unique sonority of the electric guitar and is mounted without PA or auxiliary instruments such as bass or drums: it uniquely concerns the sound of 100 electric guitars going through their amps, happily including both the quiet moments as well as the more thunderous!

In the meantime, I’m raring to play, in all kinds of configurations, from solo to duo performances, trios, sextets, all the way to my projects for 100-200 electric guitars.

For summer and fall booking, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@rhyschatham.net

Solo Set:

I currently have a variety of projects on offer, including a mesmerizing solo involving electric guitar tuned in just intonation, alto, bass and C flutes, and trumpet, all going through a highly idiosyncratic and distinctive looping setup.  The performance is usually 45-50 minutes in length. However, depending on the promoter’s format, the duration of this set can be as short  as 20-minutes, or as long as 50-minutes to an hour, or anywhere in between.

Here is a link to a live recording of a recent solo set:


Duo Projects:

For duo projects, Charlemagne Palestine and Rhys (i.e. me...) have released a 3-CD set on the Belgium Sub-Rosa label, which we have been touring for the past year in the UK and Europe.  We’d love to perform this set in a city near you, here’s a link to a sample of what we sound like:



Other duo and trio projects:

There are also new, exciting projects involving duos with French guitarist Nico Guerrero as well as the legendary percussionist z’ev

For trio projects, there is a new one with Danish musicians Rune Kielsgaard on drums and Jeppe Kovbakke on bass, a beautiful video of which was made at the Click Festival in Denmark.  I’ve also been working a new French trio called
Le Sacré Bleu with bassist Francis Pierot and drummer Fab Smith.  I’ll be posting links to these recordings shortly.

The Guitar Trio Is My Life project,  and my 100-200 electric guitar projects: A Crimson Grail and A Secret Rose, all of which which deploy musicians from the region of the performance, are described in detail on the projects page of this site.

For further info on any of the projects, contact info@rhyschatham.net