September blog

I’m back from the south of France and have been locked in my studio in Paris mixing and mastering for the past two weeks. 

I’ve made numerous recordings this past year of my solo set, so I’ve been listening to all the takes, picking the best ones, and preparing the tracks for a record.  I have a few more days, and hopefully the work will by done by the end of the weekend. Side A starts out with just a minute or so of trumpet and electronics, and the rest of piece is for an electric guitar tuned in just intonation.  The first 2/3rd of side B is for bass, alto and C flutes, ending with a rousing electric guitar section.

I’ve decided to release this recording solely in vinyl format.  As soon as I’ve finished the mix, I’ll consider who to release it with.  I’m leaning to starting my own record label and releasing it on that.  I’ve already looked into distribution options, things are looking viable if I decide to take this routet.  I’ll make a decision on that over the next week or so.  Watch this page for more news on this.

I have some shows coming up in the fall: 

The first show will be on October 9th at the Tusk Festival in Gateshead, UK.
I’ll be playing electric guitar, trumpet, alto, bass and C flutes through delays/loopers.

As part of the same festival, I’ll be in a trio formation with Oren Ambarchi and Sam Shalabi.  We’re still at the point of brainstorming precisely what our set will be, but it’s looking like Oren will be playing electric guitar + electronics, Sam will be on electric guitar and oud, and I’ll be playing through my usual delay/looper setup.  It’ll be the first time I’ve played live with either of them, I’m really looking forward to this!

On Friday, October 23rd, I have a solo set lined up in Durbe, Latvia, as part of the Zemlika Festival.

Moving into November, I’ll be playing in London. It’ll be the solo set.  The performance will take place at Whitechapel Gallery as part of a series called “Music for Museums.

Check the "Upcoming Dates" section of this site for details of these performances.

Other news: we’ll be doing a couple of Arthur Russell shows in Australia next January, I’ll post the dates when things are firmed up.  I might be doing some solo shows whilst there as well, that’s also in the process of being firmed up.

Another project that we are currently booking is the trio I have with two talented Danish musicians. We played in a trio in Denmark last May at the Click Festival with Rune Kielsgaard on drums and Jeppe Kovbakke on bass. A well produced video of the performance was made by Henrick Jelstrup and the team at TVMarineret. The quality is amazing, I'll be uploading it to vimeo soon.

The video is an hour, I start out on trumpet, the guitar comes in at 21m00s, if you wanna fast forward. Flutes are in at around 38m, and there's a final section at 47m.

Here's the link to the video : (or click on the photo above)

And finally, there is the recent duo project I have with French guitarist Nico Guerrero Vortex.  Here is a video of an excerpt of a recent performance: