Winter 2023

I seem to be making a habit of playing at art openings, this week I’ll be at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in the context of an exhibition on the No Wave scene in New York entitled ” Who are you staring at ? ” The opening is on Wednesday 01 February at 7pm. I go on around 8pm.

I’ll be presenting an excerpt from my new solo for transverse flutes (alto and C) and eletric guitar.

The exhibition will include art, posters, books and video by/on Kathy Acker, Ida Applebroog, Karole Armitage/me, Beth B and Scott B, Glenn Branca/Dan Graham, Vivienne Dick, Barbara Ess, Joseph Nechvatal, Raymond Pettibon and sound excerpts from Arto Lindsay, Live Skull, Sonic Youth and more.

There will be an excerpt playing continuously from XS, an opera by Joseph Nechvatal with music from yours truly.

For details on the exhibition, click here.

On Friday 24 February, I’m scheduled to play the full solo in an intimate location in Paris, at the Chair de Poule bar. Details to be announced on this page soon. Also an upcoming concert in the UK in March, soon to be announced.

Summer 2022

As always, I am doing my yearly migration to the south of France in a little hamlet in the Pyrenees, not far from Perpignan. I have my music studio set up, where I work amoung the mountains, trees and dramatic sky!

I have been working on a new solo for live instruments and electronics. Here is a seven minute piece I made here recently for trumpet:

This new solo program can be anywhere from 20-minutes to an hour of music and optional visual elements, featuring me playing electric guitar, trumpet, flutes and live electronics..

Here is a quick sample of the guitar sound I’m currently working on in the context of the new solo:

If you are interested in booking the new solo (or any of my other projects), you can contact me directly here. Or at my booking agency, Julie Tippex Arts and Music.